Sólo Pensando

Writing on here while listening to “Te Quiero” by Hombres G. For the past two weeks, I have been having these weird chest feelings and now I am developing a cough that sounds like a donkey is being tortured by a child that will be the next biggest, most sought out serial killer by the […]

Smile On

Have you ever been so sad that on that slight sigh of relief, you also include a smile with your eyebrows turning upside-down simultaneously? Well that is what I do before a huge, must I add, very well earned cry.  My father and mother are the two hardest working people I have ever known. They […]

Life will get Harder down the Road Before it gets Easy

I should be graduating this year from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree. Instead, I switched my major from Nursing to Pre-med.  Most of my friends are all graduating this year as I stay behind.  I still ride the bus to school and to work. Sometimes I use my bike just to keep the […]