A Thing of Beauty

I met him three years ago on one college night in the dorm’s of ASU; Taylor Place.  At the end of 2012, I finally ended a poisonous relationship with my highschool sweetheart that turned into my highschool nightmare.  It was indeed hard but it had to be done.  I was going through a very hard time for I had dedicated a lot of time and caring for this guy.  All of my friends were his friends and I did not want to see them for he was always with them.  As fast as I broke off that relationship, 2012 came to an end and I was a wreck.  I had lost many people I thought were my friends, therefore, I was desperate for friendship; new friendship.  Through a neighbor of mine in my floor, I met the greatest guys you will ever meet.  I met one in the cafeteria as his mouth was full of food; quite funny.  The second one I met in the cafeteria as well for I approached the first guy i had met that same day in lunch.  Although he was of pale complexion, I immediately recognized some “raza”;  I was really excited.  As I joined him for dinner, the lunch guy soon joined, and my neighbor.  We discussed schoolwork and our majors, and I mentioned studying in the library after dinner.  Thirty minutes after dinner I was in the library, in a study room, and LunchGuy came with Raza, who came with BuffGuy, who came with BandanaGuy, who came with EccentricGuy, who came with Neighbor.  It was the first and last study group we had together for it was the most unproductive one I had ever had in my time in ASU but boy was it the funniest and one of the memories in my life I will never forget.  Less than ten minutes in our “studying”, Raza was making fun of LunchGuys physique in highschool by showing us his football video in highschool;  we were all filled with laughter.  It had been a while since I laughed like that.

There are those kind of people in your life, that when you meet them, you already know that they are people of good heart.  That is what I felt from Raza and LunchGuy.  I found myself seeing them at least every other day.  I planned out breakfast with all of them and lunch. Lunch soon falled out but breakfast, at least Raza was always there and EccentricGuy. The rest of them were either too hungover or lazy to wake up at 7:30AM-8:00AM for breakfast.

So back to him.  Raza and LunchGuy had been talking about their friends from California coming down to see them.  Man were they excited. You should have heard them talk about their friends…that is when I realized girls and guys are not that different. They just did not squeal of excitement…although LunchGuy almost did.  I could tell that their friends were just like them.  For I believe my friends’ friends, are my friends as well, or at least will be cared for from me.  I had a date that night I met him.  I had actually just been dropped off from the guy.  It was a fun date, but I was not interested in him, I honestly just wanted to be pampered a bit as awful as that sounds.  Raza texted me to come over to go out for the night with his friends.  I was excited to meet them so I immediately brushed my teeth and went to meet them.  They were all laying down the bed and floor like lazy bums. Understandable. They just came from a long drive.  Raza and LunchGuy teased me as usual saying I had “sex hair” for they knew I just came from a date. By the way, silliest guys ever as well. One of their friends wanted to get laid as I recall. The other wanted to cheat on his girlfriend. But him…calm as ever.  I observed him quite a bit more than the other for he was very quite.  I believe he spoke less than ten words to me.  As odd as this sounds, he was the one that had left the best impression on me.  Although he did look like he was going through hard times, I just had a feeling he was such a kind, gentle man.  They left eventually and I thought I would never see him again.  I followed him and his friends on social media for they were a fun pack and friends of my friends who treated me very kindly. One of them transferred to ASU, and that was the gamechanger right there.  The Transferee turned 21, and he was there.  I arrived before him and had no idea he was coming until The Transferee told me.  It had been a long while since I last saw him so I was excited but nervous. You must understand that The Transferee had no choice but to become good friends with me as well.  At first he looked at me cautiously…as if I was about to set up a fire somewhere at their place, but eventually won him over with just being me.  Yes, Transferee called me weird, but that is expected and completely accepted by me.  As Transferee had gone halfway through the bottle I bought for him as a present, he excitedly went outside, calmed down before he saw his brothers because ‘men’, and hugged them.  I saw him again, I believe he did not recognize me for he looked confused, but I still hugged him; he remembered.  Man.  Seeing him again had me smiling non-stop.  His dog and his brother’s dog were absolutely adorable, but I unfortunately had to leave the party a bit soon due to some girl complications. I did not want Transferee’s day ruined on my expense, so I left.  I visited the next day to say hello, but they were deep into REM state.  I believe a 4.5 eartquake would have made them budge. Just budge. No more.  I told Raza about my feelings towards him for I had to tell someone. He did not say I was crazy so that was a good sign.  Months passed, and I was meeting them up for breakfast in July.  I opened the first door to the Transferee’s apartment, and he was right there. Standing in front of the door with his lovely dog, in which immediately lost all control of herself and couldn’t stop jumping on me and smelling me; I smiled as I wrote that.  But he was there.  Standing. Smiling. Beautiful smile by the way with gorgeous sky blue eyes.  I hugged him of course after probably giving away my emotions towards him with the idiotic dumbfounded face I had for three seconds.  Everything after that went perfect for a Sunday morning breakfast.  Lots of laughing involved in the expense of others, especially the Transferee.  That time together came by so fast. But after that, we kept in communication.  I knew I should not get my hopes up for anything for he lived halfway across the country from me, but being the pathetic hopeless romantic that I am, I kept a seed of hope.  Now it is October.  I had breakfast with him in July. I can tell you, that that guy I saw three years ago, is that guy that every girl dreams for.

I see him and I can see it all so clear. Let me just tell you, in spite of all my fears, what I see when I see him, and not just him physically but him as a person, is a thing of true, genuine beauty.

As John Keats once said, “A thingCaban'a of beauty, is a joy forever”


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