My Respiratory System

It’s been almost a month now since I have been developing this abnormal cough.  At first I thought it was just a dry cough, but then it just kept going one day and I could not catch my breath.  My lungs are in pain every time I cough, including my chest.  I went to the ER last Saturday night. Was taken in and examined for more than two hours.  Different respiratory doctors came in to listen to my lungs taking in air.  My X-rays came out unremarkable.  But they did say my lungs had a lot of noise going on fore very single breath, and what they think were slight vibrations.  I was sent back with prescriptions because they could not find anything wrong with me…that they knew of.

For the past four nights I have not been able to sleep well. I have woken up due to my severe coughs and last night was the scariest yet.  It’s horrible not being able to breathe when you are surrounded by air. I can’t even be in my classes anymore because I’m so disruptive.  I have been eating less and less every day. Not on purpose…but I just do not feel hungry.  I have constant headaches.  Shortness of breath…even nausea. I hope this just leaves soon.  Whatever it is I have. I hope the doctors on Thursday find it.  Please God. Let me get better.  I am starting to get worried.The Beauty of Breathing


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